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1st international
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Mobilities are one of the main sources of global warming and will continue to expand. As stakeholders and decision-makers, we can do better by sharing emerging solutions and practices on sustainable mobilities. It is in this spirit that SNCF organized the 1st International Forum on Sustainable Mobilities in October 2015, ahead of COP21.


FROM CARS TO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION 'India can show the world that it is possible to develop transportation without increasing CO2 emissions.' Sanjivi SUNDAR, Emeritus Professor, TERI University, India 'The system is in place but we need to decentralize things so that local officials can make decisions.' Murad QURESHI, Elected Member of the London Assembly Chair of the Environment Committee and Member of the Transportation Committee, Great Britain 'In order to accelerate the use of electric cars, we need incentives, namely financial incentives.' Christine SAINT-PIERRE, Minister for International Relations, Quebec 'By 2025, 42 % of Morocco’s energy needs will be supplied by clean energy sources.' Mohamed RABIE KHLIE, CEO, ONCF, Morocco

United Kingdom, India, Quebec, Morocco


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GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE ON SUSTAINABLE MOBILITIES 'We need to work as hard as possible so that the different modes of transportation will complement rather than compete with one another.' Clodoaldo PELISSIONI, Minister of Transportation, State of São Paulo, Brazil 'Citizens and countries must work together to direct sufficient resources to green development projects.' Diriba KUMA, Mayor of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 'We plan to increase the railway transport share from its current level of 0.5 % to 21 % in 2021 and 24 % in 2031.' Eng. Abdulla AL SUBAIE, Managing Director, Qatar Rail 'None of these measures are likely to suffice if we don’t make significant changes to passenger transportation and the transportation of goods.' Chakib BENMOUSSA, Moroccan Ambassador to France

Brazil, Ethiopia, Qatar, Morocco


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STRUCTURING SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY 'Given the growth rate in Africa and Asia, those are the continents we should look to for examples of best practices and mistakes to avoid.' Holger DALKMANN, Director of Strategy and Global Policy, EMBARQ Director – World Resources Institute, USA 'If we are going to get people’s attention, we need an even more developed rail system that provides perfect service.' Jun ZHAO, Director of Shanghai Railways - Member of the Shanghai City Commission for Urban and Transportation Development, China 'Mobility policies have changed. That is largely thanks to a change in consciousness among citizens.' Enzo LAVOLTA, Deputy Mayor of Turin, Italy 'In Europe, cars appeal far less to people under the age of 30. They are no longer a symbol of freedom.' Vincent KAUFMANN, Professor of Urban Sociology and Mobility Analysis - Director of the Urban Sociology Lab at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

China, USA, Italia, Switzerland


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